Welcome to our second game !

DuckHunt Missouri KIDZ is a multiplayer game where players use their smartphones/tablets with camera as paintball-guns to shoot targets on the screen!

See in the video below how the game works.



    To play the game you will need a computer. It should be running Windows.
    How to start the game - see our instructions video below, or read our pdf manual.

    Download the game for your computer.
    Start the game on the computer.
    Once it opens in browser drag it to a large screen if possbile.
    Connect as players using your smartphones.
    Start the play on the computer.
    Aim through your cellphone and Shoot targets!
    The faster is the target more score it brings.
    Clocks are worth more than ducks. Baloons appear from time to time and bring 1000 points.
    Each bullet cost -100 points.



    Q1:   My laser is not in the center of the crosshair?
  • A1:  Check that there is no cyan or magenta colors around your TV screen (or bright white).

  • A2:  Turn off ambilight.

  • A3:  Are you too close to the TV? Try to step back a bit.

  • A4:  Are you at the large angle with respect to the TV?

    Q2:   The game does not open up on my computer (browser).
  • A1:  Check if your browser is opened but minimized.

  • A2:  If you are sure the browser is not opening up, but your game console is opened showing the game address.
    Open a browser of your choice and navigate to the page: http://localhost:65201/master
    If you get a message: Master is already Running on this port! that means that the game is already opened somewhere in some browser.

    Q3:   Which browser should I use on my cellphone?
  • A1:  iPhone: use Safari.

  • A2:  Android: We recommend in the following order:
    Samsung Internet, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Edge.

    Q4:   Which browser should I use on the computer?
  • A:  Check different browsers. It is possible that in some browsers full screen is not available.

    Q5:   Why full screen does not work?
  • A:  On some versions of browsers full screen is not allowed. Try switching the full screen switch several times.

    Q6:   Why I don't have a vibration option?
  • A:  Vibration is not allowed in browser on iPhone.

    Q7:   I see a black screen on my cell phone when the game start?
  • A:  Your browser did not get access to camera. Try exiting the game and pressing GET CAMERA button.

    Q8:   Can I use the LCD projector for the game?
  • A:  Yes, you can!


  Copyright P. Lazic 2020